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About Peer

Peer is a social network based on a blockchain. The app can be used privately, or the user can decide to make his profile publicly visible in order to be financially rewarded. By receiving peer tokens, sums of money are generated and credited to the user. Our recipe for success consists in the combination of leisure, self-affirmation, and financial remuneration to incentivize users to operate the platform on a daily basis.

When a transaction occurs it is broadcast to the network. Nodes then execute and record the same transaction across this decentralised network. The transactions are grouped into blocks (i.e. stored on the distributed open ledger). Generally only one block can be generated at a time, however, if you can imagine, multiple nodes may by chance generate a new block at the same time. In this case a temporary. fork in the chain occurs.

Each block also contains a reference to the block that came immediately before it. It also contains a unique answer to a difficult mathematical puzzle. New blocks cannot be submitted to the network without the correct answer. The miners as well as bulking the transactions into the blocks also compete to find the answer to solve the current block. When someone mines a block they also earn a transaction fee- which serves as an incentive to continue to add transactions into the block.

Each block contains what is referred to as ‘proof of work’– a mathematical calculation that verifies the sequence and the validity of the previous blocks before it. As every node in the network is verifying the transaction the system becomes a shared ledger. Meaning that any transaction at any time can be validated by not just one central authority but by many.

  1. Members of the Peer-Network must get rewards, and it should be proportional to the engagement their content creates. Currently, if you publish a great article on Facebook, Twitter,TikTok or Instagram you get no reward.
  2. Developers can bring improvement to the platform, they must receive rewards independently for their efforts.
  3. Censorship-resistant: Repressive regimes routinely deny their citizens the right to access content that the regime considers sensitive. A blockchain-powered social media resist such censorship.
  4. Decentralized votting of content to ensure authenticity: The Peer-Network must enable users with subject matter expertise to certify if a piece of content is genuine. Fake news is a problem in the centralized social media, and decentralized ones must empower their community to prevent this.
  5. Users must be in control of their data to prevent Cambridge Analytica-like scandals. Blockchain social media privacy will pave the way to the emergence of new, much more ethical and user-friendly social media networks which put the protection of sensitive personal information first.
  6. Digital rights management: Content creators should be able to protect their rights over their content.

Our strategy has a special focus on promotion. In the first phase, we must be ensured that a solid user base is created. Important measures for this are the provision of peer as an app, especially on mobile operating systems, and good haptics, as well as an appealing design. Of course, even before the product is launched, first users must be recruited by participating in online communities, email lists, advertising and flyers and ultimately, they must act as brand ambassadors.

The long-term goal is to grow into a competitive and transparent alternative to Facebook and Instagram. By placing an emphasis on the user, we also want to offer entrepreneurs, freelancers and the self-employed, such as musicians, artists, entertainers as well as start-ups and small brands, the opportunity to successfully market themselves and to make an attractive additional income possible without depending on advertising deals.

In the medium term, the focus is on infrastructure, such as the development of the peer token and the optimization of the front-end designs.

In order to achieve this, we plan to inspire many people with our enthusiasm and innovations and to achieve this with an organized division of funding.

The three columns of Peer​


We integrate investors and users in the future planning of peer, both during the foundation and prototyping, as well as later in the development of further features.


Users decide to make their content publicly visible in order to be financially rewarded.


A private mode is added that allows users to post without being traced.

The Peer Team

Ender Kücükoglu
Founder and strategic head of Peer
Jakob Kaiser
Founder and technical head of Peer

The young start-up team was founded in the heart of Berlin. It is characterized by a strategic division of roles. Operations manager, Ender Kücükoglu, has gained a lot of experience in numerous specialist areas. He immediately implements productive impulses as the head of the startup. He also acts as a supervisory authority and motivator. With his logical thinking and programming skills, Jakob Kaiser works directly on the concept and as the technical manager, represents the link between the input from the founders and the other IT specialists.

Fiete Kaiser

Leon Wenzel

Alina Choukri

Andreas M. Völker

Mohamad Fawaz

Keanu Kon Han

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Phone: +49 176 63426450

Address: Eisenacherstraße 103a, 10781 Berlin

How we calculate the value?

Every 2.5%, the value per mille increases by 250€

During the investment phase, 20% of the Token will be released



250 Be a part of Peer
  • PeerToken for 1‰
  • Be updated about the project
  • Take profit
top deal


2500 Own a full percent
  • PeerToken for 1%
  • Be updated about the project
  • Take profit
Advanced deal

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15.05.2020/ 13:00 UTC+1

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